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Joga tylko dla nudystów (foto)

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Jessa O'Brien nie wstydzi się swojej nagości. Mało tego, jako popularna blogerka O'Brien regularnie publikuje swoje zdjęcia, na których zupełnie naga gra w tenisa lub zajmuje się jogą.

Centrum jogi w Tuapse w Rosji - Sputnik Polska
Doga: joga z psami
Ale w którymś momencie 29-letnia miłośniczka nudyzmu postanowiła pójść o krok do przodu i opracowała kurs zajęć „nagiej" jogi. Program dedykowany jest kobietom w różnym wieku, o różnych kształtach i sylwetce.

Jej dewiza brzmi: „Spotykamy się jako obce sobie osoby, a rozstajemy się jako siostry".

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FEMPOWERMENT FAQs- 🌸🌸🌸// 🌺WHAT IF I HAVE MY PERIOD? 🌺 Being a naked yoga instructor and a nudist in general, this is DEFINITELY a question I get asked ALL the time… With regard to the womens only naked yoga… We’re all females in the workshop and are aware of what comes with being a female. You may choose to either keep a tampon/moon cup in, or wear underwear if you wear a pad. Either way, it is advised that all participants bring along a towel for hygiene purposes anyhow 🙏🏽😊 No casting of judgement here. I am all about embracing our moon cycle and believe it to be such a beautiful time of the month, so I would definitely still encourage women to come along 💖 As I expand deeper into my authenticity, I have become more intrigued by my menstrual cycle and blood. I feel more connected to my womb and yoni and actually embrace bleeding. Obviously this time of the month is different for each and every woman, but I feel it to be such a sacred time and one during which to honour the body and the Divine Feminine within 💖 and so I feel that these workshops are a perfect way in which to do such 💗 Ladies, if you're feeling the calling to come and join me for a FEMPOWERMENT workshop session, head to the link in my bio for tickets (Brisbane + Gold Coast). If you have any other questions, please head to Or email me at 😘 Much love Goddesses ❤️ Xx 📷: @chanelbaranphoto.. #FEMPOWERMENT #women #naked #yoga #workshop #sisterhood #menstruation #magic #period #goddess #selflove #body #positive

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W czasie trzygodzinnego treningu chwalimy boskość naszych ciał i jednoczymy fizyczne z metafizycznym — twierdzi Jessa.

Blogerka mówi, że z początku kobiety wstydzą się swojej nagości, ale w czasie treningu zapominają o niej.

„Te kursy dają możliwość głębszego wejrzenia w nasze słabe miejsca i znalezienia negatywnych schematów myślenia, które powodują, że czujemy się niepewni siebie, bezużyteczni lub bezsilni" — wyjaśniła O'Brien.

Powstają również grupy mieszane.

Teaching my first mixed Naked Yoga class for my @young_nudists_of_australia peeps on Saturday night 💖🙌🏽💖 What an honour it was to hold space for such a magical group of men and women 🙏🏽 A space created with the intention of reconnecting to our true essence, cultivating self-love and, so importantly, bringing together males and females in their most natural form, sending energy toward a message of unity. These beautiful people are a symbol of hope and the inspiration this world needs… a beautiful reminder of the strength that lies within vulnerability ✨this mixed class is so symbolic of such a powerful message 💖 My journey to embark on teaching naked yoga comes from a higher calling to, not only facilitate people to reconnect with their inner light of awareness but, also help to spread the message of body positivity, self-acceptance, self-love and union. ✨ Despite the current dogma and the scepticism amongst much of society, it is possible for males and females to gather together naked, in our most natural form, in a non-sexualised environment in which we are not restricted by our labels, our gender, our layers or limiting preconceptions. ✨ These classes help us to peel away the layers of unconscious conditioning and limiting belief systems that execrable disconnect and unhealthy body image, helping us to rewire our neural pathways that will help in the raising of consciousness and a paradigm shift that will usher in unity, self-acceptance and love. ✨ I will be offering a variety of naked yoga classes and workshops in the near future… so watch this space 😉 Thank you again to the men and women who joined me on Saturday night, to my best friend, and to @bohemeandbody for sharing their beautiful space with me 🙏🏽 Much love ❤️.. #naked #yoga #men #women #nude #body #positive #acceptance #selflove #love #unity #grateful #blessed #powerful #message #practice #asana #meditation #connection #self #consciousness #yogi #shakti #shiva #normalisenudity #blog #blogger #vegan #mindfulness #lifestyle

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// 💗FEMPOWERMENT — kind words 💗// "I don't have enough words to express the gratitude to you for holding an amazing workshop and space for us ladies to gather and let our shields down….I believe that what I gained last night was the forgiveness that I've owed myself and my body for almost 15 years (after the stillbirth of my twin boys I shamed myself as I believed that my body had let me and my sons down). Last night I was finally able to shed some of that guilt and shame and I now have a new opportunity to see myself and my body in a different light. Thanks you whole heatedly again. 🙏🏽" — Sonia 🌸 🌸 I am so incredibly touched by this beautiful woman's rawness and truth 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Women from all different walks of life…with different backgrounds, stories, scars and wounds. Women who have been imprisoned by their own shame, guilt, fear, burdens… Stepping into their vulnerability and unmasking that which has, consciously or subconsciously, kept them feeling unworthy, ashamed, powerless or disconnected. This stuff runs real deep, and it's so humbling to help create a safe space in which these women are better able to identify these issues, unravel and reclaim their radiance… empowering themselves by reconnecting with their physical vessel so that they can begin to truly heal and embody their Divinity ✨ I have an upcoming workshop on the Gold Coast next weekend, so ladies, if you're feeling the calling to join me for one of my FEMPOWERMENT workshops, click the link in my bio to book yourself a spot for an evening of magic 💖 Much love and many blessings, Jessa Xx.. #FEMPOWERMENT #brisbane #women #naked #nude #yoga #workshop #bodypositive #selflove #goldcoast

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// 💗FEMPOWERMENT — kind words 💗// "I recently attended Jessa’s FEMPOWERMENT women’s only naked yoga workshop. I saw the post at random on my Instagram, and felt immediately connected to it. I was attracted to the opportunity because it spoke directly to my insecurities (self-worth) and to my pleasures (challenging conventional thought). I pulled up the registration form, and stared at it for what felt like hours. I closed it. I waited a few days and reopened it. I completed half of it, and then shut it down. Fears were flooding my mind of all the ways this experience could go wrong, and they silenced many of the ways in which it could actually go right. Even up until an hour before the workshop itself, I was wrestling with whether I should go or whether I should stay at home, watch Netflix, eat snacks, and be in my comfortable, safe space. What got me off my couch was making a deal with myself: that I’d rock up to the event, and decide based on a feeling in that moment if it was right for me or not. And if at any time throughout the event it didn’t feel right anymore, I’d have the courage, and would give myself the grace, to leave. 🌸 When I walked in, the whole vibe was right. Jessa was completely unpretentious and genuine. The space was warmly lit by candlelight and it quickly dimmed my fears of my privacy being compromised by my nakedness in a room of strangers. Disrobing came at a time when only I was comfortable, and not rushed nor pressured into. It balanced privacy and exposure so beautifully, creating a safe space in an of itself. And so the evening commenced, and I knew it was the right place for me. 🌸 If you’re even considering going to a FEMPOWERMENT women’s only naked yoga event, in my opinion, your mind is already made up. Your curiosity is your answer! GO TO THIS WORKSHOP. And go knowing that if it suddenly doesn’t feel right, you can leave, without judgement. Jessa will embrace you, and all the other women attending will bow their heads and hearts to you whether you’re coming or going. 🙏🏽" — Catrina ❤️.. #FEMPOWERMENT #brisbane #women #naked #nude #yoga #workshop #bodypositive #selflove #humpday

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